Electric Cords

When your electric cords to your major appliances become old, damaged or worn, it is important to replace them with a new one that has the same features to match. Electric dryer cords are one of the types of electric cords we offer to make your use of appliances safe and efficient. When ordering a cord for your dryer, you will need to check the configuration in order to get the right fit. Compare your old cord to the pictures here to determine the configuration and number of wires that you need.
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We also carry the power cables needed to operate your range at prices that make ordering from us an even better choice. You can rely on us for your field service supplies and the range and electric dryer cords for your business or for your personal use. If you sell large household appliances and need the cords to operate them, we offer volume discounts that make it even more affordable to use the quality products we have available. Enjoy our free shipping on orders of $49 or a flat rate shipping charge of $20 for smaller orders. It's never been easier or more affordable to get the variety of power cords you need to operate your personal appliances or for those you sell in your store.

We are the ideal resource for contractors, appliance stores, and individuals who are looking for quality power cables that they can rely on for ongoing performance. Keep your appliances working to their best capacity and replace damaged cords that might cause danger of shock or fire. Over time, cords may begin to show ware and tare or they are chewed on by pets or pests, wiring can become exposed or damaged. Examine your electric cords regularly to be sure they are not posing a hazard to you and your home. When it's time to change, you can count on us for quality products and low prices on dryer cords, range cords and more!

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