Electronic Lockboxes

Realtors long ago found the value of using lockboxes to keep keys to properties secure for those times when agents wanted to show the property to potential buyers but the owners were not home. Today, an electronic lockbox is the tool of choice for securing properties and providing convenience to the different agents that need access to the same site. In addition to providing a safe place to leave keys, agents can also leave messages for the next agent to convey important information.
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The Smart Box from NuSet is an electronic combination lock box that can be reset for many combination changes as needed. This is an important tool for those larger agencies with many different properties and agents to manage. With the access log, you can retrieve reports that list the date and time that each agent accessed the property and when they left. You gain better management of your properties and enjoy easy programming without the need for Internet access, a subscription or an access card.

Using digital lock boxes is the most convenient way to ensure you have every opportunity to show properties to prospective buyers and increase your odds of selling. Each electronic combination lock box is made with a hardened shackle and vinyl cover to ensure they are weather proof for use during every season of the year. Choose from those with a long shackle for attaching to a door or the wall mount lock box. Different styles from the NuSet Smart-Box series will provide you with a secure versatile option for managing your real estate business.

Both electronic and mechanical lock boxes play an important role in providing realtors and bank owned properties with the options they need to monitor and control access to all properties without requiring them to be present. We have the options so that you can choose the best electronic lockbox to meet your company size and your needs. Count on us for a quality electronic combination lock box that is easy to program with a simple USB device and allows you to retrieve the information you can use to manage your entire business.

NuSet Smart-Box Electronic Lock Box, Wall Mount

SKU: NL7060

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NuSet wall mount electronic lockbox. Now, includes free external battery cable adapter!

NuSet Smart-Box Electronic Lock Box

SKU: NL7010

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NuSet electronic lockbox. Now includes free external battery cable adapter!