Smoke / CO Alarms

Our locks are offer one method of security for your home or business by helping to keep out intruders. Our smoke and CO alarms provide your property with different types of security. The Universal Ionization smoke alarm is an affordable investment you can make into the safety of any of your properties. It operates on a 9Volt battery and has a test button for making sure it is operating correctly at all times. This smoke alarm includes a heavy duty 9V battery and mounting hardware so that it is ready to install and put to use when it arrives. With the loud 85 decibel alarm, it is easy for almost anyone to hear when there is the threat of fire.
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The Universal Ionization smoke alarm is a good choice for securing those buildings that don’t have wired-in smoke alarms to alert everyone in case of smoke or fire. It is listed to UL217 standard and comes with a 5 year limited warranty from USI. You can also use the smoke alarm to add security in rooms that are separate from the main facility and that may not be within range of the electrical alarms already in place.

Carbon Monoxide or CO Alarms are safety devices that alert your family when there is dangerous CO gas in your home. Our Universal Security Instruments Optochemical CO alarm comes with a product end-of-service life warning so that you are never left unprotected. These alarms are also a good choice for businesses where carbon monoxide may be produced by burning fuels. Since CO is colorless and odorless, it can’t be detected without the right equipment. An inexpensive CO alarm is a simple way to prevent deadly CO poisoning in any facility.

Choose the Universal Ionization smoke alarm or one from First Alert to meet your needs. The First Alert Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm does the job of both smoke and CO alarms, providing you with the ultimate protection. This alarm features photoelectric smoke sensing to reduce false alarms that can occur from cooking smoke and shower steam. It is also made with an end of life signal to give you audible alert that the alarm needs to be replaced.

Our choice in smoke and CO alarms includes the variety of functions and prices to meet every need and budget. Protect your property and your family with the alarms that ensure fire and CO gas are not a threat.

Universal Ionization Smoke Alarm, 9V Battery

SKU: SS770

$9.99   $5.29
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Universal Security Instruments 9V battery operated smoke alarm with silence. Price break available.

First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm, 9V Battery


$27.99   $19.99
First Alert 9V battery operated carbon monoxide (CO) alarm. Price break available.

First Alert (BRK) Ionization Smoke Alarm, 9V Battery


$6.45   $5.45
In stock
First Alert/BRK 9V battery operated smoke alarm with silence. Price break available.

BRK Smoke & carbon Monoxide Alarm, 9V Battery, 10-Year Warranty


$29.99   $24.99
In stock
BRK dual sensor smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarm with 10-year warranty. 9V Battery operated. Price break available.

Universal Smart Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Sealed Battery, 10-Year Warranty


$34.99   $21.49
In stock
Universal smart carbon monoxide alarm with 10-year sealed power. Price break available.